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Become who God created you to be!

Coffee with Friends

Meet your new best friends.

Become who God created you to be!

Meet your new friends.

LifeGroups are the friends you grow, laugh, and serve alongside. 


LifeGroups can be centered on Bible study, discussing the weekly messages, local missions, sports, hobbies, or any activity that brings people together consistently in community and fellowship.

To Get Connected

Find Your LifeGroup by selecting the one that fits you and your schedule. 

If you already know what LifeGroup you want to join you can jump to our Sign-Up Page.  


If you are not sure which group is right for you, contact your LifeGroup Host for help in your search, or talk to them about leading your own group.

2022 Program Calendar

Winter 2022
  • Theme:  Pending
  • Length:  8 weeks
  • Begins:  January 9th
  • Ends:     March 5th
  • Sign ups begin:  December 19th
  • Leader training:  January 9th
Spring 2022
  • Theme:  TBA
  • Length:  8 weeks
  • Begins:  March 27th
  • Ends:     May 21st 
  • Sign ups begin:  March 6th
  • Leader training:  March 20th
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